• We Enable Your Child To Excel

    • We provide quality education for children aged 2 – 5 years old
    • We encourage children to question the world around them
    • We instil a sense of belonging
    • We foster lifelong learning
    • We strive to international standards
  • The student is at the heart of all we do

    • Caring, Safe & Fun
    • Qualified Teachers
    • Meeting Individual Needs
    • Challenging & Rewarding Learning Experiences
    • Always Learning

      We believe that learning should always be fun and exciting. For this reason, our education program has been designed to include a combination of free-play and structured activities, giving your child the chance to wonder, to explore, and to create.

    • Fun Activities

      We provide your child with a wide variety of learning experiences, including: developmental activities, group projects, news, dance, singing, drama, reading and sport. Just to name a few!

    • Experienced Educators

      We utilise qualified teachers and educators, who will provide your child with a safe and inclusive environment for learning. Drawing on their years of experience, our teachers are skilled in responding to the individual needs of each student.

    We ensure the school is convenient, flexible and affordable for parents.

    • Opening Hours

      50 weeks of the year, in order to support working families, we are closed for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years. (We are closed on public holidays)

    • Childcare Subsidy

      Our pre-kindy & kindy program is eligable for the Childcare Subsidy, reducing your overall cost.

    • 10 Weeks Per Term

      Our pre-kindy & kindy program runs from 9am-3pm, Monday to Friday, 10 weeks per term.

  • Find us in the heart of the City of Melville

    • We are very excited to have the possibility to send Keaton to what sounds like an amazing place. Looking forward to this amazing opportunity for Keaton.

    • Can’t wait for this to open. We have been looking for somewhere that provides a big outdoor area where my child can play but learn at the same time.

    • When I was talking to the teacher over the phone, she seemed passionate and excited, I like the feeling already. I have a viewing in July and I am looking forward to seeing this school for my young child.

    • I like that this school is using recycled materials to renovate – made me think of how I can recycle at home more. I look on Facebook to see their progress.

    • It is great to know before they open, the school is seeing what the community wants. I am looking forward to seeing it completed and also putting my name as a parent helper when my child goes! I hope I win the iPad!

    • When I placed my form in for my child to attend, I got a response within 48 hours and the lady was so friendly, explained everything to me. And I like how the school is not discriminating against parents who choose to work, they seem to be catering for everybody so parents who work do not miss out on their child receiving a good solid program throughout the day. Thank you for thinking of the working parents. Really appreciate this.

    • I was interested how the school is looking at international education as I am from overseas and after talking with the teacher, they have considered both international and Australian styles of educating the children. It will work out nicely, a good balance of structure and non-structured activities. Thanks! Looking forward to viewing the school.