The Place

  • Natural Fun Learning

    Come and see our wonderland, full of fun and excitement, a place to nurture, learn, care, explore and grow

    We collaborated with the community and sourced global ideas and have utilised the traditional back yard with plenty of grass and blended it with flora, river rocks and sand, marri logs, large trees, and sails providing protection from the sun and rain, creating a place to explore, wonder, enjoy and be excited whilst learning.

  • What are the benefits of nature play?

    Nature has been associated with a number of health benefits for children
  • Outdoor Play Space Learning and Development Themes

    Design Themes for High Quality Early Childhood Spaces
    • Softness
    • Relation
    • Multisensoriality
    • Epigenesis
    • Community
    • Constructiveness
    • Narration
    • Rich Normality
    • Skills Development

      In the classroom we allow children to explore their flexible, changing, but familiar surroundings whilst they learn and discover themselves. The space provides for investigation of the senses, imagination, socialisation, creativity and learning.

  • Indoor spaces for children

    Setting the scene - Learning environments
    • Values and beliefs
    • Using community assets
    • Respecting where you are
    • Trusting children