Your Child

  • Preparation for Primary School

    Pre-Kindy & Kindy programs provide an environment for children to develop their skills, capabilities, interests and talents.

    Australia has much lower levels of participation in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) and Pre-Kindy programs than other developed countries.

    Pre-Kindy & Kindy is about helping children learn to get along with others, to be creative and collaborative problem solvers, to understand and talk about their emotions, as well as supporting the foundations of literacy, numeracy and science.

    Research from the UK shows that attending two years of pre-school programs improves children’s readiness for school more than one year’s attendance, with particular impacts on their early literacy and social and emotional skills.

    Our programs, care and attention ready children to commence their educational journey, preparing them for the challenges ahead, ensuring they have the building blocks for success.

  • Life Long Learners

    The pedagogical practices of our educators provides a strong focus on enhancing children’s learning and development.

    Our image is of a child who possesses his or her own directions and the desire for knowledge and for life. A competent child. A possessor and builder of future, not only because children are the future but because they constantly reinterpret reality and continuously give it new meaning. 

    A recent study provided insights into the improved outcomes 16-year-olds who attended at least two years of pre-Kindy & Kindy have, they were three times more likely to take a higher academic pathway in post-secondary school.

  • Precious Little Ones

    We understand some are a little worried about leaving their children with others, this is understandable, we allow you to immerse yourself on your child’s first days with constant information on their progress, photo’s, messages, and information.

    You are also welcome to register to be a parent helper, attend one of your child’s  activities, or schedule a talk with your teacher about their progress.

    We also provide constant feedback around your child’s development, they take home their activities and are excited to share their day with you, while they learn, play, socialise and discover, you will be rest assured your child is safe and cared for by qualified teachers and educators.

    The benefits for them are amazing!

  • Further information on Child Care Subsidy


    Working Parents

    It's imporatant for working parents to have access to high quality education for their children.

    We understand the requirement for some parents to work to meet financial commitments, career aspirations or to provide important services to the community. That’s why we ensure the school provides the long day care your child needs whilst ensuring they have access to our programs. Working parents can drop off and pick up at times that are flexible, and we have access to the childcare subsidy to ensure they are affordable for them. We call it the meeting of ‘two best worlds’, flexibility and affordability.