Our School


    About Us

    We utilise international and local practices, such as Montesorri and Reggio Emilia, placing your child at the heart of all we do, where parents are involved, the community is engaged and teachers lead the learning experience.
  • Applecross Pre-Kindy & Kindy provide a quality education for children aged 2-5 years old

    We provide a caring, safe and fun environment, whereby qualified teachers enable your child to be socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically ready for Primary School and instill a desire for life long learning.  We ensure the service is convenient, flexible and affordable for our parents. All programs are eligible for child care subsidies.

    Teachers provide an educational program developed to individuals, ensuring all children meet their full potential, in a fun and safe environment. Allowing children to explore, discover, problem solve, take calculated risks, discover independence and socialise with peers.

    We can also allow for siblings to start at 18 months old, and for upto 6 years old to come to our holiday programs

  • Our Offering

    The school opens at 7am and closes at 5:30pm this is to ensure we provide equal opportunity for all parents non-working and working. The program’s start at 9am, from 8am-9am parents are welcome to stay and enjoy this hour with their child. We understand also parents may choose to drop and leave. On pick up you are also welcome to assist in pack-away time from 3pm to 4pm. These times give parents an opportunity to get to know other parents and how their child is at school. We ask that if you do stay during these hours that you watch over your child for their safety and participate in the school activities.

    Parents are welcome to volunteer their skills and abilities. If you have any skills to offer the school please see the classroom teacher. We like to provide the students with as much opportunities to learn from a variety of people including parents. For Example: If you work as a scientist come and present a science experience to the children. Teachers are there to assist and ensure your lesson is conducted to an age appropriate level.

  • The Program

    Our program consists of
    • A play-based approach to the Introduction of Literacy and Mathematics skills and concepts
    • Developmental activities, designed to enhance social, cognitive, emotional and physical attributes
    • Learning experiences based upon the interests of the children News time, rhyme, reading, phonics and counting
    • Daily involvement in our unique Learning Zones
    • Group project work & activities
    • Art, music, dance, drama, sport, culture, gardening and wood work
    • Community and parent activities
    • Self awareness/quite time
    • Discovery, sensory and theme time
    • Table top activities
  • 7AM - 9AM

    Before school care. Children are welcome to have their ready to eat breakfast from home. These children who arrive early will be able to play outside or join in with a variety of activities.

    8AM - 9AM

    Parents start to arrive and prepare their child for school. Parents are welcome to stay, help their child and join in, met other parents with careful eye watch of their child.


    Parents Wave Goodbye
    Gather time for welcoming everybody / music time


    Table top activity time


    Morning Tea time – if you would like to be the parent helper please let us know

    10:30AM - 11AM

    Outside discovery time

    11AM - 11:20AM

    Literacy time that includes: Phonics / story time / Rhyme time / Name writing time / Alphabet Recognition


    News time See roster for your child’s news day

  • 12PM

    Discovery / theme time / sensory time


    Lunch Time

    1PM - 2PM

    Quiet time / Self-awareness time

    2PM - 2:30PM

    Outside play

    2:30PM - 3PM

    Reading time / mat time

    3PM - 4PM

    Students go home, Pack away time. Parents are welcome to come at 3pm to help us and your child to pack away


    Kids go home

    4PM - 5:30PM

    After school care. Kids will continue to enjoy the range of activities on offer at the school and outdoor play.

    • Our Teachers and Educators

      The Pre-Kindy and Kindy programs are delivered by qualified early years teachers with appropriate Bachelor’s of Education. They will be supported by qualified educators, and overall managed by the Nominated Supervisor/Director. The senior educators/teachers form part of the leadership group.

    • Our Students

      Will form part of the school eco system, whereby we provide equal opportunity to learn, through a group program individualised to ensure every students success. They will be provided the care and guidance required for learning.

    • Learning Delivery

      Skilled educators use teaching strategies that are appropriate for the age of the child. They extend children’s thinking, encourage them to ask questions, engage them in conversations about things that excite them, and integrate learning into play and exploration.

    • Development Assessments

      We will regularly assess developmental areas of students, ensuring they are meeting appropriate development requirements. This will enhance student’s future potential, and provide feedback required by parents.

    • Parental Involvement

      Parents are at the centre of student’s educational outcomes, we will assist parents in understanding what’s required to deliver key aspects of children’s education. We allow parents to participate in their child’s learning through rostered parent helpers and activities.

    • Community Engaged

      We celebrate our diverse cultures, collaborate with community groups, and maintaining open community communication, respecting the values each group holds whilst holding our own. The engagement strengthens our ties to the outside world and broadens students knowledge.

  • Fees


    Upon acceptance a non-refundable $80 enrolment fee and $200 deposit applies, these fees include

    • Uniform of 1 hat and 1 to 2 shirts depending on how many days you attend
    • Sustainable School bag and Lunch Box with child’s name on it
    • Deposit which is credited to your account on your first day

    Cost per day:

    • Pre-Kindy program 8am-4pm $130, or
    • Kindy program 8am-4pm $130, or
    • Before School 7am-8am including program then After School 4pm-5:30pm $145

    The childcare subsidy is available for up to 85% off, for example; a family earning $150,000 per annum with a child in Pre-Kindy long day will have an expense of $39 per day*. To work out your subsidy or find out more click on the links below.

  • Food

    Parents have a choice to bring their own food or food being provided for their child. If you need the school to provide the cost per day is $10 and this includes a sustainable lunch box that the school will wash. The lunch box will be given to your child to enable them to choose what they would like to eat throughout the day.

    Advantages of parents providing lunch:

    • Parents provide food they know their child will eat
    • It is a suggested love gift from the parent to the child
    • Encourages love language and other expressive languages from the child
    • Builds independence getting their lunch box, putting it away and looking after their belongings
    • Parents will see how much food their child eats

  • First Day

    Before coming to school please provide/apply

    • Sunscreen on your child/ren
    • School provided sustainable lunch box (No need to use any wraps!) Please see photos of lunch box ideas for your child’s health and development. Fresh fruits, vegetable sticks, are encouraged.
    • Piece of fruit or veg
    • Sustainable water bottle with child’s name on it (with straw or pop top)
    • Change of clothes (please place inside child’s bag)
    • Enclosed easy shoes to remove off and on